The Dos & Don’ts Of Having A Winter Holiday Wedding

We’re right in the thick of another wintery holiday season. The weather is colder, homes are being decorated, everywhere you go people are sipping on hot chocolate and warm apple cider. It’s the most wonderful time of the year! But just because it’s the holiday season doesn’t mean weddings are going to stop! If you’ve been thinking of planning a holiday wedding, there are a few things that you should think about beforehand. We’ve got all your dos and dont’s for planning a holiday wedding celebration right here.

Do: Give Longer Notice Than Usual

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Typically when planning a wedding, couples will send out invitations approximately 8 weeks before the big day. If you’re planning a holiday wedding we’d recommend stretching that out to approximately 12-15 weeks before the big day.

This will give guests plenty of time to plan around what they’re doing for the holidays.

Don’t: Forget That Vendors Might Be More Expensive For A Holiday Wedding

Don’t forget that since you’re planning a holiday wedding that your vendors might charge more for their services.

Vendors may have to pay their employees extra since it’s a holiday and that cost is usually passed down to the couple.

Your flowers may be more expensive since they may not be in season as well.

If you have a specific vendor that’s flying in from somewhere, their airfare will in all likelihood be more expensive during the holiday season.

All in all, things are more expensive during the holidays and you should plan your budget to account for that difference.

Do: Expect Some Guests To Say They Can’t Come

If you’re hosting a holiday wedding you must expect that some guests simply won’t be able to make it due to other plans or obligations.

It’s understandable. The holiday season is a time where families get together, and often times it might be one of the only times in the year that they’re able to be together as a complete family.

Don’t: Go Overboard With The Holiday Theme

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Make sure you’re not going overboard with the holiday theme for your wedding.

You don’t want it to seem like it’s a holiday party and not your big day.

Instead, incorporate some subtle touches throughout your decorations that give it just enough of a holiday feel without going overboard.

Do: Make Sure The Temperature Is Right Inside Your Wedding Venue

We know that it’s going to be cold outside (even if we’re talking “cold” for L.A), but that doesn’t mean you need to crank up the heat inside your stunning event venue.

After your guests get situated eventually they will warm up and will probably shed a layer of clothing (jackets, scarfs, etc). It’s important that you work with your venue to ensure that the temperature is adjusted so that everyone is at a comfortable level.

After all, you’re going to have a few hundred guests inside a big room. All the movement alone will create enough body heat to keep everyone comfortable. They don’t need the heater blasting.

Just be mindful of the temperature!

Don’t: Play Many Holiday Songs

Some people might say to completely avoid holiday-themed songs…but we just feel like you shouldn’t go overboard.

One or two holiday-themed songs is more than enough to give it that special touch, and even then we’d recommend playing those much later in the evening and not early on. It will be a nice touch towards the end of the night.

Do: Create A Warm & Inviting Atmosphere!

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A great way to incorporate a winter and holiday theme to your wedding is to offer your guests some hot apple cider once they’ve arrived at your reception.

This will warm them up and add a great holiday atmosphere to your wedding!

Work with your catering service to come up with some great warm drinks for your guests.

Don’t: Wait Too Long To Start Booking

If you do decide you want to host a holiday wedding, make sure you’re planning everything earlier than usual.

It’s a busy time of the year and some vendors may decide they want to take the holidays off instead of working if no one has booked them yet.

If you really want a specific vendor, make sure you’re not waiting too long to reach out and book them. The earlier you start the more likely you’ll be able to work with them on your big day.

Do: Add A Great Holiday Themed Drink

Want to incorporate the holidays with your wedding? Why not add a signature wedding drink to your big day?

With the weather being cold you could incorporate something that warms them up. Or perhaps go with traditional eggnog!

Whatever you decide to do it will add a bit of festivity to an already special day.